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Duct Draw Rope - 6mm Blue Polypropylene


SKU :106-1-2


6mm blue polypropylene rope approximate length of 500m and 220m, approximate breaking strain of 550kg.

** 220m supplied as coil

** 500m Supplied on wooden drum

All ex stock on next day delivery.

This rope is ideal as a draw cord rope for the telecommunications industry for pulling cables underground but is also widely used in other industries such as building, industrial, leisure, agricultural & transport. This draw cord rope floats and is resistant to chemicals, rot and mildew.



Ref: 106-1-1: 500m - Supplied on wooden reel  weight 8kg 40cm x 17cm

Ref: 106-1-2: 220m - Supplied as reel weight 3kg  20cm x 11cm