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EPD - Replacement Duct Rod Frames

by EPD

SKU :102-15-1

Frame size to take

EPD Duct Rod / Cobra replacement frames.


Replacement Duct Rod frames, these can be used with our CableitUK & EPD range of rods.

Frame sizes:

4.5mm - Galvanised Frame only 40cms x 25cms x 46cms  Weight: 4Kgs

6mm  - Galvanised Frame only 52cms x 26cms x 57cms Weight: 9Kgs

9mm - Galvanised Frame only 92cms x 46cms x 103cms Weight: 21Kgs  (with wheels)

11mm - Galvanised Frame only 115cms x 52cms x 105cms Weight: 24Kgs  (with wheels)

14mm - Galvanised Frame only 127cms x 52cms x 130cms Weight: 32Kgs  (with wheels)

  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Frame colour: Silver

*** Fame only no Duct Rods / Cobras supplied