30T Hydraulic Jack Tower L Kit 107.1.6 & 107.1.7

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  • 30T L Kit Hydraulic Jack Tower

  • Designed for heavy drum lifts. Robust engineered construction with hydraulic jacks and adjustable height spindle support blocks. Painted finish
  • 30T L (with outriggers)
  • 30 Tonne Capacity SWL Per Pair.
  • Minimum Drum Diameter 3000mm.
  • Maximum Drum Diameter 4500mm.
  • Base Area 2000x800mm,
  • Weight Per Pair 660kgs. 
  • Weight of Spindle - 200kgs


  • 30T KIT (107-1-7)

  • 2 x Jacks, outriggers for extra stability 1 x 127mm (O/D) x 4000mm (L) Spindle and 2 x locking collars.




LENGTH 2000 mm
HEIGHT 2500 mm
WEIGHT (PAIR) 660kgs


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