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Duct cleaning tools

Duct cleaning tools
  • from £91.00

    Duct Brushes Ref: 120-1

    Duct Brushes Ref: 120-1 Cylindrical Brush with Polypropylene Centres drilled and fitted with threaded steel Rod, Steel end caps and pulling eye eac...

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    from £91.00
  • from £66.00

    Polypropylene Mandrels Ref: 120-3

    Polypropylene Mandrels Ref: 120-3 Used to prove there are no restrictions within the duct.Approximately 240mm long fitted with a threaded rod and p...

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    from £66.00
  • from £71.00

    Steel Mandrels Ref: 120-2

    Steel Mandrels Ref: 120-2 For Duct proving. Painted Steel 240mm long fitted with threaded steel rod and pulling eye each end to give overall length...

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    from £71.00