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6t Cable Drum Jack Set


SKU :100-3-3


6.0t (6000 Kg) Cable Drum Jacks Ref: 100-3

  • Cable jacks are used to lift, support and distribute low and high voltage cable drums to enable efficient cable laying and pulling for low and high voltage cables 



  • Inspected and certified
  • Designed for heavy duty use
  • Extra strong base plates
  • Colour as standard: Silver
  • Suitable for 1060-1920mm diameter cable drums
  • Robust and easy to use
  • Weight Each 31 Kg per jack
  • Capacity 6000 Kg (Pair of 3t Jacks)
  • Lift height 310 mm
  • Min Height 680 mm
  • Max Height 980 mm
  • Base Size 300 x 460 mm



  •  Ref: 100-3-3 Compromises 2 x 3t jacks (2 x 100-1-2)  and 2 x tommy bars  
  •  Ref: 100-3-1 Compromises 2 x 3t jacks (2 x 100-1-2)  1 x 1200mm spindle bar and 2 x tommy bars 
  •  Ref: 100-3-2 Compromises 2 x 3t jacks (2 x 100-1-2) 1 x 800mm spindle bar and 2 x tommy bars 

 Tech Area

Data sheet Version 2




Cable Jacks general do not need to follow maintenance under LOLER, as the Jacks are only designed to be used to lift the drum high enough off the ground so it freely spins to pay out the cable and NOT for crane/high lifting purposes. 

Cable Jacks general have been examined and where applicable are supplied generally to meet Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations EEC 2006/42/EC (as amended), and where relevant, Construction & Use Regulations EEC Directives 71/320 (as amended). 

A certificate of Certificate of Conformity can be issued on request. 

***Obviously should either the application or your own company policies require LOLER maintenance to be followed then this would be you to decide on.