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Cable Drum Handling and Cable Laying Equipment Supplies Specialists - Established 2014 🗲POWERED BY ORPLEX
Cable Drum Handling & Cable Laying Equipment Supplies Specialists - Established 2014 🗲POWERED BY ORPLEX
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Drum-Roll Clou FIX Uncoiler Fixings (Set of 3)

SKU 128-6-1
In stock
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£50.40 - £50.40
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Drum-Roll Clou FIX Uncoiler Fixings (Set of 3)

Enable processing of unwrapped tubes and cables: Certain types of tubes and cables cannot be packaged in film due to product characteristics or production processes. To facilitate further processing, we introduce CLOU FIX, an accessory designed specifically for these products.

Secure and stable support for ring products: The CLOU FIX set includes three sturdy injection-molded plastic parts that are easily attached to the supporting arm of CLOU models. They provide reliable support to prevent rings from falling apart during spooling, ensuring smooth and efficient processes.

Ergonomic design for seamless tube movement: The accessory features an ergonomic, rounded triangular shape that allows tubes to slide over the edges without catching. This design ensures effortless movement and eliminates potential disruptions in the processing flow.

Durable and high-quality construction: CLOU FIX is crafted from durable injection-molded plastic, ensuring longevity and reliability. The sturdy construction guarantees its effectiveness in holding ring products securely in place.

Convenient storage and transport: The CLOU FIX set comes in a practical bag, allowing for easy storage and transport. You can conveniently keep the accessory on hand whenever you need it, ensuring seamless integration into your workflow.

Options and Accessories

The Uncoilers are available in an array of sizes and ranges:

- Drum-Roll Clou SLIM Uncoiler (128-1-1)

- Drum-Roll Clou Uncoiler (128-2-1)

- Drum-Roll Clou XL Uncoiler (128-3-1)

- Drum-Roll VARIO Uncoiler (128-4-1)

- Drum-Roll VARIO SLIM Uncoiler (128-5-1)

The Uncoilers are also available with a range of accessories:

- FIX Uncoiler Fixings (set of 3) (128-6-1)

- UP Uncoiler Base Fixings to Raise Up (set of 3) (128-6-2)

- MOVE Uncoiler Wheels (set of 3) (128-6-3)


SKU Length (m) Width (m) Height (m) Weight (kg)
128-6-1 0.435




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