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50m General Use Duct Tape

by Orptech

SKU :262-5-1


General Use Duct Tape Ref: 262-5

Applications & Industries

  • General use duct tape

  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Easy to tear by hand
  • Individually wrapped rolls
  • Water resistant**
  • Flexible & conformable
  • Ideal for high volume, price conscious users
  • Suitable for general use both indoor & outdoors
  • Packaging, wrapping and sealing
  • Polyethylene sheet jointing
  • General multi-purpose use
  • Indoor & outdoor general use
  • Temporary repairs for tents, awnings, sacks, tarpaulin and more…


An excellent value duct tape.

Multi-Purpose Adhesive
Designed to adhere to a huge variety of clean, dry surfaces.

Water Resistant** Coating
A water resistant coating on the outer shell helps to repel water from the surface of the tape.

Colours & Sizes

Colour Options
Black, White, Silver

Standard Sizes
48mm x 50m