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Duct Brushes


SKU :120-1-1

Cylindrical Brush O.D

Duct Brushes Ref: 120-1

Cylindrical Brush with Polypropylene Centres drilled and fitted with threaded steel Rod, Steel end caps and pulling eye each end.

Overall length including Eye 350mm.
Standard sizes as follows.


120-1-1 Cylindrical Brush 57mm O.D
120-1-2 Cylindrical Brush 80mm O.D
120-1-3 Cylindrical Brush 86mm O.D
120-1-4 Cylindrical Brush 95mm O.D
120-1-5 Cylindrical Brush 108mm O.D
120-1-7 Cylindrical Brush 150mm O.D
120-1-8 Cylindrical Brush 200mm O.D