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The compact X-BOARD - XB300 is a universal professional cable winder/unwinder for all small to medium cable reels. The XB300 impresses with its small, light and flat design, but can still be loaded up to 300 kg.Especially suitable for damaged cable drums. Due to the removable mandrel, cable drums with different hole sizes can be used.

The multi-function mandrel has been specially developed for the X BOARD XB 300 cable rolling system. Loose cable bundles can also be rolled by attaching them to the stainless steel centre mandrel of the XB 300 and then folding out the 4 side brackets.

6 rubberised feet ensure a non-slip and stable base. Optimal for protecting surfa- ces for already finished floor coverings. Stowed in RUNPOTEC system-case - Sortimo compatible

Optimum area of application:

XB 300: rolling of (damaged) cable drums up to max. 300 kg and loose cable bund- les or individual wires up to a max. height of 294 mm and a max. diameter of 430 mm

Application video: a short, very informative application video can be viewed by scanning the QR code or on

Scope of delivery: 1 piece X BOARD XB 300 incl. multi-function mandrel in RUNPOTEC system case


  • Universal cable drum rewinder and unwinder
    For all types of cables and cable drum even with very small inner diameters
  • Compact - lightweight -
    1.26 g net weight
  • Loadable up to 300 kg
  • Excellent for damaged cable drums
  • No cable clutter
  • Trouble-free and rational work approach
  • Non-slip and stable base
  • Can be used in combination with XB 300 and XB 500
  • allows loose cable bundles and individual wires to be rolled
  • Telescopic centre mandrel, extendable up to 294 mm
    this allows high cable bundles or corresponding tube bundles to be accommodated



Diameter: XB 300: Ø 300 mm Multi-function mandrel: Ø 430 mm
Weight: 3,60 kg
Case size: B 405 mm │ L 440 mm │ H 136 mm
EAN-Code: 9120045476545


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Customer Reviews

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Rob Derry
Good product

Ive not used the it to its full potential but trialed it out on a single job with a drum of T&E and it spun nicely even with the cable pulling upwards, not only does it start the cardboard drums getting wrecked or cabling twisting as coming off the drum it also stops the need to spin drums of cable on someones floor or dustsheets preventing damage and giving a more professional appearance
It is a costly product and was tempted by cheaper but overall very happy with it