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Steel Bellmouths


SKU :117-1-1


Steel Bellmouths Ref: 117-1

In separable hinged halves to guide the cable through the duct to avoid damage to both the Cable or the Duct. Models are fitted with a Guide Roller for additional rope guidance and protection.

Zinc Plate Finish


117-1-1 For Ducts 60-69mm
117-1-2 For Ducts 76-89mm
117-1-3 For Ducts 90-97mm
117-1-4 For Ducts 99-106mm
117-1-5 For Ducts 124-130mm
117-1-6 For Ducts 148-155mm
117-1-7 For Ducts 152-176mm
117-1-8 For Ducts 170-180mm
117-1-9 For Ducts 194-212mm
117-1-10 For Ducts 220-239mm
117-1-11 For Ducts 246-266mm