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RUNPO5 30m + XB 300 + RUNPOTEC system case + lubricating compound foam


SKU :123-1-21

Note - this kit is now longer available, please order parts under SKU 123-1-36 and 123-1-39 if you wish to order the parts separately for this complete kit.

The RUNPO 5 is a further innovation by RUNPOTEC and an absolute allrounder. The main reason for the success of the RUNPO 5 is the patented flexible starting head RUNPOGLIDER with swivel. It enables to go over narrow radii due to its excellent flexural and gliding behaviour. The whole system has an unbelievable breaking load of 270 kg, the friction resistance is 50 % less due to its punctual contact. The advantages compared to the 3 mm fiberglass rods are: No kinks, no sticking thereby, no more need to glue or repair anything, considerable saving of time. The RUNPO 5 is almost unbreakable, stored in a compact storage box which is extremely impact resistant, available in lengths of 20 m and 30 m. Every RUNPO 5 is provided with two pressed RUNPOGLIDER with swivel at the end and the beginning of fish tape.