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Pivoting Anchor for Portable Winch


SKU :167-16-10

Pivoting anchor for vertical pulling supports (PCA-1264 / SKU 167-16-9) and PCA-2264).

In certain situations, the winch support for vertical pulling (PCA-1264 / PCA-2264) can be used for pulling instead of lifting. This pivoting anchor (PCA-1332 / SKU 167-16-10) connects to the support for vertical pulling and the accessories listed below and makes sure that the winch is always lined up with the load.
Link between the PCA-1264 / SKU 167-16-9 / PCA-2264 and one of the following accessories: PCA-1263 / PCA-1806 / PCA-1265


Material :  Zinc plated steel


Weight (metric) : 3,3 kg
Length (metric) : 24 cm
Width (metric) : 16 cm


Additional Information : Use with PCA-1264 for pulling situations. --- Link between PCA-1264 and PCA-1263 or PCA-1806 or PCA-1265 or PCA-1267 or PCA-1501.


GTIN / EAN13  690581014086


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Duct rod data sheetCHART OF ANCHORINGS 

Duct rod data sheetINSTRUCTIONS: ANGRAGE / ANCHOR PCA-1805 (FR) / (EN)