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Double Eye Cable Pulling Sock's (Extra length) from CABLEITUK


SKU :105-52-1

Overall Length

Double Eye Cable Pulling Sock's Ref: 105-52

Sometimes called Cable Socks or Cable Grips.
An efficient method of supporting or pulling cables.
Manufactured from high tensile galvanised steel wire.
Also available on request in stainless steel or kevlar.

 The range of socks from CABLIEITUK come with a longer overall length than our EPD range.  If you require a shorter overall length of cable sock please check out our range from EPD





  • 105-52-1*  Range 6-13mm Dia,  760mm Overall Length
  • 105-52-2*  Range 13-19mm Dia, 760mm Overall Length
  • 105-52-3*  Range 19-25mm Dia, 760mm Overall Length
  • 105-52-4*  Range 25-38mm Dia, 940mm Overall Length
  • 105-52-5*  Range 38-50mm Dia, 1140mm Overall Length
  • 105-52-6*  Range 50-63mm Dia, 1305mm Overall Length
  • 105-52-7*  Range 63-89mm Dia, 2110mm Overall Length
  • 105-52-8*  Range 89-115mm Dia, 2490mm Overall Length
  • 105-52-9*  Range 115-130mm Dia, 2490mm Overall Length