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CableitUK | Budget Range | Analog measuring wheel with Illuminated display


SKU :122-1-4

Ref: 122-1-4


  • Material: pc+ab+pom
  • Double color thickened handle
  • Most Robust Wheel
  • Double folded

      ****INCLUDES CARRY BAG****



      • Measuring distance: 0-9999.9m or 0- 9999.9ft
      • Accuracy: 99.5%
      • Increments: 0.1m
      • Wheel Circumference: 1m
      • Wheel Diameter :0.318m
      • Stretched length:1100mm
      • Folded length:430mm


      Road Marking, Construction, Paving, Fencing, Pool Construction, Garden Layouts, Field Layouts, Factory Layouts, Property Assessments, etc. Can be used on most surfaces smooth and uneven over long or short distances.


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