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Cable Drum Handling and Cable Laying Equipment Supplies Specialists - Established 2014 🗲POWERED BY ORPLEX
Cable Drum Handling & Cable Laying Equipment Supplies Specialists - Established 2014 🗲POWERED BY ORPLEX

Brands - CableDrumJacks

At CableDrumJacks, we proudly feature a selection of premier brands, each excelling in their respective specialties to meet the diverse needs of our customers. CABLEITUK leads the market with its superior cable handling products, ensuring organized and efficient setups. DRUM-ROLL offers innovative drum handling solutions designed to enhance safety and productivity in various industries. EPD is known for its excellence in electrical product distribution, providing a wide range of high-quality equipment and accessories. IDEAL stands out with its reliable electrical tools and supplies, trusted by professionals for their durability and performance. KRATOS is dedicated to worker safety, offering advanced fall protection gear that meets the highest standards. JACKITUP specializes in lifting and handling solutions, providing innovative equipment to streamline operations. RUNPOTEC offers state-of-the-art cable pulling equipment, ensuring efficiency and reliability on every job. PORTWEST is a renowned name in workwear and personal protective equipment, delivering high-quality products for maximum safety and comfort. Lastly, TEMHA MAKINE excels in providing Pioneering Cable Laying Technologies, ensuring optimal cable laying solutions in various environments. Together, these brands represent the pinnacle of quality and innovation in their fields.

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