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11mm Duct Rod on Reel / Cobra from CABLEITUK


SKU :102-4-1

Rod Length
Rod Size

11mm  Duct Rod on Reel / Cobra Ref: 102-4

Duct Rod (Conduit Rod)

100m Ref: 102-4-1

150m Ref: 102-4-2

200m Ref: 102-4-3

300m Ref: 102-4-4

High quality glass fibre reinforced helically wound epoxy rod giving good adhesion properties for the outer polyethylene coating. This construction gives excellent bending elasticity which makes it ideal for short to long installations into ducts.

Primarily used for the fast way of installing draw ropes and winch ropes into ducts, ready for cable pulling operations.

Black Powder Coated Rod comes complete with guide tip.

100, 150, 200 and 300 metre lengths available from stock in the UK.


Optional extra Duct Rod accessories LINK

Cable Socks LINK




  • (102.4.1) 100 11mm Dia x 100mtr Rod on Reel Weight: 39Kgs | Dims: L1100mm X H1060mm X W440
  • (102.4.3) 200 11mm Dia x 200mtr Rod on Reel Weight: 54Kgs Dims: L1120mm X H1080mm X W440
  • Rod Material:The fibreglass rod is made of alkali-free glass fibre and high quality resin for flexibility and tensile strength. The exterior layer is covered with high density UV-resistant polyethylene.
  • Rod colour: Yellow
  • Identification: Meters mark on the rod.
  • Frame Material: Iron. Powder coated
  • Frame colour: Black
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Cable duct rod user manualUser Manual

Duct rod data sheetProduct data sheet